International Trade

We provide comprehensive legal assistance in trade remedy matters and other connected international trade issues, including:


  •  Advising and representing foreign exporters and Indian importers in trade remedy investigations.
  • Advising and representing the Indian manufacturing industry in seeking imposition of trade remedy measures on import of specified products into India.
  • Counselling and representing clients before the Appellate Courts including Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal, various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India in litigation matters arising out of trade remedy investigations and customs issues.
  • Providing advice on World Trade Organisation (WTO) consistency of trade related measures taken by India including trade remedial measures, customs duty imposition and other domestic regulations affecting international trade.
  • Advising and representing Indian exporters in trade remedy investigations initiated by foreign jurisdictions.
  • Advising clients on issues arising out of free trade agreements entered by India.