We worked for a client whose existing General Counsel (“GC”) has left and new GC was joining for an interim period of 5-6 months, as outsourced GC basis during this time we took over the entire supervision of the GC function which could broadly be divided in following:

Legal team management – Mentoring being the lawyer’s lawyer allocating work when necessary. Administrative supporting on leave, goals setting, reviews and recommendations for promotions etc. Hiring of new members to the team.

Compliance Management – Reviewed existing compliances, identifying red flags, their root cause and suggesting and/or implementing corrective action plans. Manage, legal, HR, infrastructure, environmental and sector specific compliances. Presentation of the Compliance presentation to the Board and Audit Committee.

New Business Initiatives and Contracts Management (BAU) – Carrying out legal due-diligence, structuring, negotiating, drafting and executing documentation for JVs, acquisitions, M&A, PE, strategic investments or initiatives. Supervising BAU contract support by the team.

Litigation & Regulatory Proceeding Management – Defensive and aggressive litigation, regulatory proceedings and arbitration strategy and implementations. Provide legal opinion and direction for handling claims & awards matters, including those before the tribunals and various Court. Facilitated several settlements.

Public Policy Advocacy – Industry level issues advocacy with government bodies, regulators and working with various sector specific bodies & organisations. Worked on industry level bodies like AHPI and NATHEALTH which included filing several litigation in relation to Covid-19 crisis issues and nurses wages issue.

External Counsel Management – Management of various law firms’ relationships and hiring of external legal resources.