Intellectual Property, Media, Entertainment & Technology

We advise clients across industries on identifying and structuring their intellectual property rights, as well as developing comprehensive plans to preserve and utilise their IPRs.


  • Providing legal assistance to clients on complex intellectual property rights issues arising from emerging technologies, such as licencing, royalties, rights management, data privacy, and consumer protection
  • Conducting due diligence, structuring, negotiating, and preparing transaction documents for IP-intensive transactions such as share acquisitions, company transfers, mergers, and worldwide restructuring
  • Representing clients on commercial agreements with respect to IP such as licensing, assignment, co-branding, franchise, software license, research and technology collaborations
  • Prosecution and administration of all forms of IPRs, including cross-border protection plans and IP audits
  • Providing trademark, trade dress, design, and copyright advice to customers, along with passing off, domain names, false advertising, trade secrets, and private information
  • Advising on issues related to intellectual property and developing litigation strategy for IPR protection, including infringement, counterfeit, and cyber security proceedings